A community of Seattle young professionals get a flag to wave.

full YPOS logo

Young Professionals of Seattle is a landing pad for over 12,000 people. They know that when you move to a new city there’s an initial honeymoon period often followed by a precipitous and anxious feeling of “what now?” especially if you don’t have a job or many connections.

We wanted to give the existing community a voice, an identity they can be proud of, a flag to wave.

An image showing a black pennant with YPOS's colorful new branding on it.

A vibrant color palette was developed to match the most active networking community in Seattle.

Existing members now have a unique identity to stand behind, and newcomers to the city would knew where to go to connect with other young professionals.

Sign 1
Sign 2

We were tasked with all facets of the brand release, including social media avatars, digital presentations, and more. This culminated in the brand's public launch at their 7th Anniversary Party.

Our friends at J Rojas Media captured this celebration beautifully.