Voyce Threads

A lifestyle brand that brings awareness to important causes by creating one-of-a-kind mismatched socks.

full Voyce Threads logo

Believe it or not, the concept of Voyce Threads emerged from a children’s book. Author and founder, Drew Shaw, identified an opportunity to educate the community about the positive forces that we don’t always see working on the behalf of our community. In short, we could use more talk about things that really matter.

Voyce Threads strives to empower you to start meaningful conversations by showing off what’s on your feet. Every time you put on a pair of Voyce socks, you become an Everyday Ambassador for the cause that inspired the sock’s design. So, go out there and cause a conversation – there’s plenty to talk about!

Enamel Pin

When creating the mark, we took heavy inspiration from the brand persona we developed alongside the client. They are someone who gives regularly, loves unconditionally, and showcases elegance in a bold way. A modern abstraction of a red rose expresses these three pillars beautifully.

Color Palette

The color system needed to be simple and shout confidence. A deep red was a clear favorite to be contrasted with black and white to show the brand's focus and passion.


Drew Shaw unveiled Voyce Threads with style in Fall of 2018. A packed house was there to celebrate their launch and the beautiful partnerships they built within the community over their first year of business.

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