Salt Athletic

Bringing fresh style and innovation to the athletic community.

salt full logo

Driven by their passion for nourishing the human spirit, Salt creates durable, hygienic, odor-neutralizing athletic equipment to enable players to perform and live well. Athletic communities benefit from the positive implications of their technology, and their products allow athletes (and their families) to focus on performing rather than the hygiene and maintenance of their equipment.

Salt seeks to enrich underserved communities through scholarship funds, donated equipment, and providing education around proper hygiene and faith-based principles when participating in sports.

Upon entering a new stage of maturity, they approached a small studio to help overhaul their identity; enabling them to reach a wider audience. We worked with them to create a mature, refined identity that fell in-line with their growing vision for the company.

Salt logo in white on a black shirt tag.
Salt logo in white on a jersey.
In quadrants, a close of image of a soccer net rotated to show a siamond shaped pattern, a close-up of ripstop nylyon's squared geometric pattern, a semi-translucent salt mineral, salt fields.

When exploring the physical nature of the product we were inspired by the fabric’s durability, as well as the innovative engineering behind it. Concepts of weaved fabric, and overlapping patterns represent a strong bond created by smaller connected forms. You often find similar patterns in nature, such as salt rock clusters, or ponds used for salt production since the time of the Incas.

We distilled this idea to show the form and function of the product in an elegant way. While portraying a literal depiction of the salt mineral, we incorporated a subtle infinity symbol to represent durability. Within the negative space, a cross hatching pattern represents another nod to fabric, such as the laces on a pair of cleats or a soccer net. What is left is a bold but elegant mark that feels both active and aspirational.

Salt presented in a modern, transitional typeface

Prior to building out the visual identity, we were tasked with developing a new name for the company. The old name, Evo, sounded progressive and worked stylistically. However, it didn't speak to their products, technology, or ethos as a faith based company. After working through our hands-on workshop, and multiple rounds of ideation, we landed on Salt. Salt adds freshness, speaking to the science behind the product. In Christian terms, it’s about salt, sweat, and being the light of the world.

Salt's brand marks and typefaces displayed on letterhead, envelopes, and folders
Salt's previous logotype for EVO, using a rounded form, and their clean new branding utilizing a sharp typeface and unique mark

Before and after. Previously, the identity utilized a letter-based mark, limiting the reach and impact of the brand as they move into new markets. Creating an abstract, representational mark was an important factor in the rebranding process.

Salt presented in a modern, transitional typeface
Salt logo in black on a pair of athletic shorts.
Salt color scheme centering on white, off black, and a streak of gold
Salt's branding displayed holistically on social media by using brand colors, uniquely tailored pattern overlays on imagery, and their logo
Salt’s branding displayed fully on a banner stating “you are enough” over a black and white image of two men training
Salt’s brand on a billboard with the tagline “redefine better”