Styling Simplified. Expertly curated interior design boxes to quickly beautify your home.

The Placed wordmark

Kimberlee Marie came to us with the desire to create a first-of-its-kind offering providing boxes with curated product to beautify home spaces. We fell in love with the idea and wanted to ensure the brand was not only beautiful but could be experienced through a custom-designed online store.

Kim and Kallan holding a box together

Building off the foundation of Kimberlee Marie Interiors, we created a brand that felt at home with the parent brand but solid enough that it could stand alone. We named the brand Placed in order to create a sense of structure and completeness within the home space, while also alluding to Kim's passion for supporting the placement of children in caring homes.

Four beautiful home interiors designed by Kim

A central design motif created for the brand is the concept of The Surface. Homes are filled with surfaces that express personality and provide utility. For Placed, this concept is alluded to in their workmark and small-format logo. The former provides a surface as a focal point while the latter rests upon one.

A grid of different wordmark and logotype combinations in Placed's brand colors
The brand's colors, Nile blue, Mint, Melon, and Cream

Placed builds off of the Kimberlee Marie Interiors brand by sharing its primary color, Nile. This allows both brands to be subtly connected and gives Placed a mature, established feeling primary color which is augmented by the fun and seasonal secondary color palette.

Placed’s website experience was designed in tandem with the brand and is built on a custom platform designed with accessibility and performance in mind. Custom brand elements include a backdrop behind interactive elements such as product listings and buttons, building off the brand concept of The Surface.

The site background and buttons take on the color of the box you are viewing

Each box release is given a brand color which is subtly highlighted anywhere the product is displayed on the website and on that box's product page.

A photographer taking photos of Placed's Kitchen Box

We also worked closely with a photographer to make sure every box and each item within it was displayed beautifully.

Box iamges shown on the site in a staggered format

Placed's website expresses the brand's personality and curated care through beautiful photography and careful design touches. We think the site is worth a visit and consider getting a box if one catches your eye.

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A Placed box being opened, showcasing a sticker with Placed's simplified mark