Kimberlee Marie Interiors

Enriching lives by transforming houses into homes.

Kimberlee Marie Interior's logo, an elegant, encircled ribbon

Kimberlee Marie is a talented interior designer with a thriving business in Seattle making beautiful home spaces. As she looked to expand her business, we helped her build a strong foundation in her identity. Kim is passionate about creating spaces people can thrive and find rest in.

We began by diving into the deeply-rooted attributes that Kimberlee Marie finds important and from there built a name and visual identity. Along the way, we ensured every aspect of the identity we built would serve her business now and into the future.

Beautiful home interiors Kim and Kallan have worked on
Kim and Kallan reviewing brand inspiration during our workshop

Through this process, we uncovered the metaphor of the mirror, discovering that the spaces Kim creates with her team become a reflection of the needs and desires of those who dwell in the space. The mirror, like Kim also brings light into a space. This concept guided our approach to finding her brand's mark.

A color palette with four main hues each with a darker and lighter variant

The brand also leverages a focused but flexible color palette that provides contrast across a variety of applications and seasons.

The brand shown in context on a notebook, tape, and a brochure

As we developed the Kimberlee Marie Interiors brand further, we explored how her brand might be displayed in other forms and connect with her social media presence.

The brand shown in context with a business card
The brand shown in context with a wax seal stamp
The brand shown on Pinterest and an email newsletter
Placed's branding.

Kimberlee Marie Interior's identity was designed with their next project in mind, a direct-to-consumer box to beautify home spaces. We called it Placed.

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Kimberlee Marie Interior's logo shown on an office window