Feel Free

A mobile app that builds more connected communities.


Face-to-face interactions have become a lost art in communities and they are no longer as connected and collaborative as they used to be.

A mobile application that emphasizes on introductions, live conversations and follow-ups, so people can focus on each other.

"By encouraging random collisions between people, new ideas are generated, productivity goes up, and innovative culture is fostered." — Tony Hsieh

Making connections in person requires your physical presence, so the app only displays business near you. Unlike other social platforms, you can't interact or check in to a coffee shop in New York while you're in Los Angeles.


Once you arrive, you are automatically checked in and see a list of people around you in that Space at that time. People that are greyed out have indicated themselves as unavailable. Others are ready to connect.


The beauty of the app comes from knowing that everyone else around you also has the desire to connect. The app itself is an icebreaker. Once you find someone that intrigues you, request to meet.


Once they accept, you meet in person! After your interaction, you can leave a Nod for the other person letting them and others know how your time was with them.


It takes more than an app to change the world. Success comes from endless commitment to the community. By hosting community events and intimately engaging the community with a focused mission, Feel Free became a movement that spread across the country.

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Event 2
Video 1

With the brand and product in place, our friends at Root House Film were able to beautifully expand and capture the story. The short film below represents how a fostered connection can lead to a life changing experience.

Two local artists, Janelle Loes and Taran Emmert, were brought together to create an original song and ultimately perform that song on stage in front of a live audience.

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