Identity-driven experience design for data centers.

Cyxtera is a data center colocation and interconnection provider with data centers on four continents. As their business grows, they want to possess more competitive advantages, including an improved user experience for their customers. They found us, a young and growing studio, and saw us as a good fit to support their team on a subset of this project.

In our supporting role, we developed a simple set of wireframe components and worked within the section of the interface we were tasked to build out. However, we began to question how our work would connect to the rest of the work done on the project. We began to see opportunities to bring parts of the platform together cohesively and needed to grasp a vision of the needs of the platform now and into the future.

We've come to understand identity and outcomes are the foundation of a user experience. In this project, we worked directly with the leaders of Cyxtera's product team to reveal their goals for the project and what aspects of Cyxtera's identity aligned with the experiences they sought to create.

Three statements as quotes: “We are platform-led, so we empower our customers to feel a sense of pride through experiencing interconnections within and between their spaces.” “We are rooted in trust, therefore, our customers feel relief knowing everything about their infrastructure — good or bad.” “We are a Business-to-Human organization, so we invest in our customers getting part of their life back through a user-centered customer experience.”
Arrows connecting the interactive portions of six wireframe's screens.

This work empowered us to illuminate the client’s needs, not merely to allow us to develop their entire next-generation platform, but to help our client see how deeply they care for their customers. We worked closely with Cyxtera’s leadership, rapidly prototyping based on their immediate needs and meeting daily to check on progress and meet with stakeholders. This led to a deep trust to develop between our teams and we are excited to bring on Cyxtera as our first partner at a small studio!