A web app that brings clarity and peace of mind to event planning.

Collected logomark

Event planning software can often be overwhelming, especially when managing multiple organizations. Peace of mind starts with confidence. We developed the mark as a reminder that users have everything they need in one place.

Inspired by the strings of a guitar, beauty came from the action of “pulling” as a mean to bring everything and everyone together.

Black and white where chosen as the primary colors to distill the identity and remove distraction within the product.

Product 1

Easily access you Calendar, People, and Songs via the sidebar. Quick links to your favorite tutorials and filtering options are also readily available.

Product 2

No matter where you are on the platform, you can perform tasks relevant to the context of the screen you're are on.

Product 3

Organizers have enough to manage, so we knew it was crucial to maintain context and focus once action is taken. A simple solution was an action panel that slides over to reveal relevant controls.

Event 1
Event 2
Cleanly designed event software in use on a laptop