A planning platform that brings clarity and peace of mind to event producers and teams.

Cleanly designed event software shown on a cascading set of phones

Everything Starts with Identity

Austin and Zane Bauman were brothers who saw a need for better event planning software. We helped them articulate the vision behind their idea and developed the identity for Collected.

Austin and Zane Bauman
Sketches of ideas for Collected's brand mark
Another set of ideas for Collected's brand
A final set of ideas for Collected's brand
A final set of vector designs for Collected

Event planning software can often be overwhelming, especially when managing multiple organizations. Peace of mind starts with confidence. We developed the mark as a reminder that users have everything they need in one place.

Inspired by the strings of a guitar, beauty came from the action of “pulling” as a mean to bring everything and everyone together.

Black and white where chosen as the primary colors to distill the identity and remove distraction within the product.

Strings on an electric guitar being played on stage.

The Process

Starting from only a set of requirements, we transformed an idea into a full set of designs that the team was able to act upon and implement.

Our approach was to keep the interface simple and focus the user's attention on their content.

A set of six pages of requirements


We began by organizing the functionality for Collected and iterating through a set of wireframes that created the foundation of the app's primary experiences.

A set of wireframes showing a simplified black and white interface.


After validating our wireframes with the team, we developed high-fidelity screens and later continued to iterate with the team through design sprints.

A set of fully-designed screens with simple layouts.

The Experience

In the end, we helped the Collected team inspire other teams by giving them a space to create and manage their events. Collected is a simple, focused tool for teams to prepare their events.

Product 1

See what's important

The event groups you are a member of are front and center so you can see your events at a glance. It is also easy to set dates when you are unavailable so you can protect your time.

Product 2

Plan the perfect event

Events are displayed simply, with controls you need placed right in front. Event agendas can be intuitively added to and edited through drag-and-drop.

Product 3

Focused Team Management

Organizers have enough to manage, so we knew it was crucial to maintain context and focus once action is taken. A simple solution was an action panel that slides over to reveal relevant controls.

Extending to Mobile

Collected's experience extends smoothly across device sizes. This video walks through many of the ways their mobile app is tailored to user users' needs on the go.

Collected is available now.

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Cleanly designed event software in use on an iPad

They’re not just about giving you good design, they invest in making your project the best it can be.

Austin Bauman
Founder and CEO of Collected
A band doing a show