A real estate company embracing the beauty of the past and the possibilities of the future.

Vibrant Red logo with mid-century, angled look spelling out BODE

The Stratford Company wanted to revitalize their identity to connect with a new generation of tenants. Their name and messaging did not, however, connect with younger tenants looking to find places to live.

Meaning to be an omen of a particular outcome, the name Bode speaks to the promise of good things to come and operating from an ethos of looking to the future with optimism.

The Stratford Company logo in a corporate serif typeface and antiquated colors, alongside the new Bode branding with red, angled boxes surrounding each capitalized letter in an angled, sans-serif typeface.

When developing the mark, it was important that the company name stood strong while paying homage to our admiration for timeless mid-century design. Built with the same precision and planning as the blueprints for a new building, the company name is slanted to run parallel with the structure of the panes to communicate their forward-thinking vision.

Bode logos shown displayed flexibly across brand colors and in different orientations
Bode logo on a glass office window
Bode color palette consisting of vibrant red, green, blue, yellow, dark, and light shades with dark and light variants of each.

Bode's typography and colors reflect their appreciation for mid-century design. Their logo may be used to express and compliment the different locations and tenants they serve.

Modern, mid-century typography for headings and quotes
Modern, mid-century typography for body paragraphs and subheadings
Bode's logomark is set in the property color alongside the property name set in Space Mono and the property color

A standard property signage system was created to build consistency and community awareness of the Bode brand.

Properties share the same naming structure. We start with the brand name, followed by the property name, and use the brand colors dynamically to best match the personality of each property.

A sign depicting Bode's branding on a street corner fence surrounding a construction project site

An angular slate pattern was created to add energy and character to brand touchpoints while working great as a tool for balancing compositions.

Colorful, angled brand pattern on an internal office wall
Bode wayfinding with brand pattern and colors being used to point left with the text 'This Way'.

A no-nonsense wayfinding system was developed using natural language to avoid ambiguity and improve navigation for tenants.

Bode logo on a polo shirt
Bode business cards with the tagline 'Good Things.' on the reverse.

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Bode's website design incorporates angled overlayed mixed against black and white imagery of their properties.
Good things on Bode's red