Auxano Advisors

A multi-generational wealth management firm that promotes stewardship.

white logo on torquoise background

Auxano Advisors came to us with a need to improve their communication to present and future clients. As a multi-generational wealth management firm, Auxano understands the importance of communitcating across generational lines. In order to allow their website and brand to stand out from the pack, we evaluated the industry and realized their existing brand's color palette and imagery was holding it back from communicating to younger generations.

four images with warm tones of color overlays
Colorful duotone image overlay highlighting the brand's colors
Various industry website screenshots that are visually similar to Auxano's old website

Our process helped us develop the heart of Auxano's brand — bringing security and peace of mind to their clients. We helped find Auxano's voice and protray it in a way that stands out from their competition. This led us to develop a new colors palette that commmunicates the vibrancy of Auxano's team and improves their look on digital mediums.

An array of logomark and logotype layouts in different colors matching the brand
A palette of six vibrant colors spread across the color spectrum
A mockup of an envelop using the brand's colors and typography
A mockup of business cards using the brand's colors and typography

In addition to updating their brand's colors and typography, the custom site we designed and developed for Auxano shines above other websites in the industry and becomes a unique staple of their brand for any new client to discover what makes Auxano special.

Auxano Advisors Website

Duotone image style of a professionally dressed woman highlighting purple, torquiose tones.