ATLAS Workbase

Creative campaign for a shared workspace.

white logo on torquoise background, Atlas Workbase

Near to our heart as a studio is the space we work from, ATLAS Workbase. For their next phase of growth, we partnered to bring a marketing concept so they could share their message of a better way to work. We discovered a simple question that would convey ATLAS's message.

Troy laughing with a client candidly at ATLAS Workbase
What's your workbase?

This question allowed us to expand the concept into a multi-faceted design system. From modular campaign materials to video and web experiences.

A series of social posts using similar design features but unique content
Behind the scenes photo of the Armory Pacific team getting ready for a video shoot

For this project, we teamed up with our friends at Armory Pacific and Matt Glenn to help us capture the vision for the project.

A photograph of a screen displaying a behind the scenes teaser of the campaign
Art direction for modular Instagram posts
Clean layout and typography for images designed for Twitter
What's Your Workbase? being shown as a Facebook advertisement
The campaign as seen on LinkedIn with clean typography and vibrant brand colors
John looking at the camera, acting in the commercial video shoot
A mockup of an a-frame-style display for the campaign poster
Screens displaying the advertisement
A printed card with the campaign slogan and listing Atlas's features

We designed and developed a custom experience for traffic from the campaign. This experience allowed visitors to take a quiz and view the spaces that ATLAS offers for them. Check it out at

A clean landing page design with a simple video player and quiz below
John smiling at the video camera during production