Identity Architecture

The Building Blocks of Branding

Your business reflects your identity.

Identifying why you do what you do is just as important as what you do. Identity Architecture is a branding workshop aimed at helping you uncover, understand, and assemble all the pieces necessary to build a successful brand blueprint. Through this process you will bridge the gap between what drives you on a personal level and how to best translate it into your business operations.

Develop your business's identity in community.

three people each writing on a side of a whiteboard-covered columntwo women discussing an idea
a man laughing during a workshop

These building blocks point to the heart of your identity.

  • Brand Naming

    Understanding how your brand fits into the market’s ecosystem.

  • Brand Personality

    These are important to keep your brand authentic and grounded

  • Brand Focus

    Would you rather be a flashlight or a laser? Here’s a hint, one is much more powerful and uses less resources.

John facilitiating the Identity Architecture workshop

Join in.

The workshop is led by John Johnson, our Founder and Principal Identity Architect. He has combined his Masters of Architecture and MBA to help business leaders craft their identities in the marketplace.