Identity Architecture

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Your brand is a reflection of your identity.

The Identity Architecture Workshop is a branding workshop you won’t find anywhere else. Designed to help you uncover who you are, understand the problem you are solving, and learn all or the necessary tools you will need to communicate your unique solution to the world. We all have a unique identity and once revealed it becomes your blueprint.

Uncover your identity in community.

three people each writing on a side of a whiteboard-covered columntwo women discussing an idea
a man laughing during a workshop

The building blocks of the workshop.

This 4-hour workshop is an intensive curriculum that combines design thinking and branding methods to empower and equip individuals rather than corporations.

  • Your Identity

    We uncover the experiences in your life that shaped the values and strengths that make you who you are.

  • The Problem

    We help you understand the problem you truly are passionate about and are uniquely equipped to solve.

  • Focused Impact

    The exercises were designed to get everything out of your head and heart in order to help you focus in on what truly matters and who it matters to.

John facilitiating the Identity Architecture workshop

Our Workshop.

The workshop is led by John Johnson, Founder and Principal Identity Architect of a small studio. He has combined his Masters of Architecture and MBA to help individuals craft their identities in the marketplace.

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