To Be a Black Business Owner in America

Yesterday I came to the realization that it is not only overwhelmingly difficult, but inauthentic to our team's values to continue with normal studio work while we are in the midst of the largest collective civil rights movements of our time. As a black business owner, and a leader to a team of radically empathetic and inclusive creatives, I made the decision to close a small studio to focus our talents on fueling this momentum.

My first step was to call our clients and let them know that we would be pausing operations while our team fights for equality. Of course, as any small business owner would, I was nervous about their response when I told them their project would be pushed back, but their immediate response was asking how they could help. I point these conversations out to remind you that amidst all of this fear, anger, and uncertainty, there is hope. There are good people, looking for ways to help each other out.

Finding our way to give

After a deep sigh of relief I had to organize the team and our collection of creatives who desire to use their gifts to bring peace to peoples lives. Together, we decided to unite our skillsets and connections to create a platform that unites all people in the pursuit of racial equality. Through real storytelling, conversation starters, and helpful resources, we are creating an empathetic future one story at a time.

a small studio was never created to be a run-of-the-mill agency. We worked hard to be a space where our community could explore and harness their unique identities to fill a need in the world. Today our nation faces a problem that has been brimming for far too long. Our desire is to not only help the country heal, but to create safe spaces and tools that help citizens of this nation heal individually.

We believe that each and every person has a specific role to play in our future. Our uniqueness goes so much deeper than the pigment of our skin. It's perspective, our experiences, our life stories. I am proud to be leading an organization that empowers our citizens to use their unique perspectives to bring peace to peoples lives.

Today, I urge you to give yourself a moment to reflect on your unique perspective and ask yourself how your experiences can move the needle forward towards a peaceful, respectful, equal, and unified world. You are 1 in 7.62 billion and you can make a difference because you are you.

John Johnson's signature

With love, sorrow, and so much hope,

John B Johnson