A ‘Mix’-Match Made in Heaven

Meet Drew Shaw, one our first clients and the founder of Voyce Threads, the Phoenix based clothing company that makes “mix”-matched socks to support important causes. Not only is Drew the CEO of a new company, but he also works as an education consultant, and is the author of Rosewood Circle- a children’s book helping kids deal with the challenge of fitting in at school.

We asked Drew how he came to be involved in so many “different” lines of work. His response was that he has never seen himself as jumping randomly around in unrelated fields. Instead, each project has led directly into the next.

Once you have a conversation with Drew, you understand quickly what he means. Drew is a person who instinctively looks for loose threads around him. Not just because he runs a company that makes socks, but because he is looking to find the sources of what inspires him. Once he finds a “thread”, he always pulls hard until he finds where the thread is leading.

Drew’s passion for helping others is tied to his love for stories. Drew decided to start Voyce Threads after gaining inspiration from the main character of his book, a young boy named David who wears mismatched socks. Through his book, Drew has sought to empower kids to not only feel confident in who they are, but to be confident in their own voice.

Drew eventually realized that there was another application to the concept of “mix”-matched socks. If the character of his book, David, finds his voice through socks of different colors, then maybe others could too. That’s when Drew landed on the idea to start a new business.

We have been fortunate to work with Drew and help him through the process of building the brand identity for his latest project. When we first listened to Drew talk about his idea for a mix-matched sock company and the vision that he had for his brand, we quickly became excited to work with him. “It isn’t that the socks are mis-matched but rather that they are mix-matched”, Drew told us explaining why he wanted to sell pairs that contained two different designs.

“It isn’t that the socks are mis-matched but rather that they are mix-matched.” — Drew Show, Founder of Voyce Threads

Our “Eureka” moment came when we realized that Drew’s idea wasn’t just about making a statement through the use of vibrant fabrics stitched creatively together. Drew’s company is all about empowering others to speak about what moves them the most. It’s all about helping them to find their voice. Drew Shaw is now doing it through his new company, Voyce Threads. One pair of mix-matched socks at a time.

You can now cause a movement with your very own pair of Voyce Threads by visiting their website and choosing a cause or two that you believe in!